Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I order from any country and how soon will I get my order?

A: I am based in the UK ; all overseas orders are sent using the Royal Mail AirMail service.

Custom made items are created by me in 1-3 working days and everything is shipped from the UK.

Shipping times are as follows:

  • within the UK takes 1-3 working days

  • with the EU 3-7 working days

  • to the US / Canada 7-9 working days

  • to rest of the world 1-3 weeks

Shipping upgrades are also available.


Q: Can I order a bespoke map item?

A: YES! All map items are treated as custom made to your special requirement.

  • It can be a village, town, city, island – you choose! These works the best.

  • I am also able to make some items featuring county, state or country but only for larger items such as necklaces and keychains, pocket mirrors, bottle stoppers and bottle openers.

  • Please note I am generally unable to offer maps of specific addresses, streets or buildings.

    I do have some city plans (like London, New York, Chicago, etc. so streets or areas are open to discussion but please ask for details prior to order)

  • If in doubt please message me before placing a firm order to avoid disappointment.

  • If you wish to see a proof prior to order - please don`t hesitate to ask


Q: How map item making process looks ? Shall I provide my own map?

A: I use my stock of maps and atlases. I never use print outs from google maps or any other website.

  • First, I check with Google maps where the chosen location is if I don`t know it.

  • I search my maps and atlases for the place now I know where to look for.

  • If the customer asked for a preview, I take photos of few maps under the glass in the exact size for the ordered item (to feel the scale of the map) and send those photos to the customer. Emails with photo attachments back and forth :)

  • When the map choice is made I take the piece of glass in the right size for the chosen item (for example a keychain) and cut out the city (or any other location) from the authentic map/atlas.

  • I glue the glass to the piece of map and let it dry.

  • If you you decided to go for engraved piece - I engrave the metal setting for you,

  • I glue the dried piece of map and glass to the metal setting adding all the extras (so for the keychain, it is the ring and the clasp, for the necklace it is a chain, etc)

  • Then I pack it and it`s on a way to the customer.