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Map jewellery

Map jewellery

The story of map designs started in Cheltenham; one Sunday morning while browsing car boot sale I came across a gentleman selling vintage prints, books and maps. I grabbed this National Geographic map printed in 1936 and I was stunned by the beauty of its graphics.

Then another thought popped into my head - we don`t have them and we don`t use them anymore. Each one of us have the sat nav in our smartphones, if we are unsure - we just google the place and we know where it is and how to get there. But the charm of this piece of old paper wasn`t fading away.

Using my skills to design and crafts I decided to preserve it and restore it to the world in the form of custom jewellery.

We all have our special places in the world, but we cannot always be where we want and when we want. So it can bring back memories from the past and goals for the future.

I started to collect vintage maps and atlases to be able to feature any place on earth on my jewellery, cufflinks and other accessories.

Each Item I make is carefully handmade using real maps, not printout nor photocopies - always genuine maps and atlases to make each item really special; the maps are hand-cut to shape of a glass dome or silicone sticker (which slightly magnifies the map) and fitted into your chosen piece.

So I create map necklaces in different shapes, colours, and sizes - featuring one or two places at a time - I do have double sided bazels so I can feature the place where you have met and where you got married - (or any other set of places depending on your story).

I also offer sterling silver lockets where you can keep little treasures, fantastic as an engagement gift!

Dangle earrings - and you can have two identical or different places - it is totally up to you. Hooks I use are always sterling silver.

If you are not a fan of piercing - I also make clip on earrings of sterling silver.

There is also wide range of statement rings to choose from..

If you are attached to more than one place - there are endless possibilities on bracelets.

Map bangles, leather wrap bracelets, bead bracelets and chunky elastic ones..

The custom map items are thoughtful gift idea friends, family, colleagues. They suit so many occasions - Weddings, Christmas, traveling, changing jobs, moving house, Valentines, Mother`s Day and Father`s Day, Birthdays - you name it…

If you wish to have a keepsake from the adventure or want to cherish an event from your life these map items will always bring back the memories.

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Map cufflinks

Map cufflinks

Steampunk for men

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