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Map cufflinks

Map cufflinks

I have lived in many places so far, and I love to travel, so for me it is not hard to pick a place or a few which I love, like, would love to visit again or recommend to a friend. Places where I made memories and I miss all of them. The maps are sometimes the only option to see them again.

Everyone have a sentiment to some places. Hometown, or place where used to live for period of time, where you both have met or where you spent that fabulous holidays x years ago …

When I started to turn my map collection into jewellery and cufflinks - it is easy to track all the destinations you and your loved ones been to or dream of reaching.

If a man wears the formal outfits - we are talking here mainly about dress shirts that you would wear to an office job or with a suit - cuff links may be a great way to add a twist in a style. Thinking of the bespoke ones which features the map location of your choice - you add a bit of history and uniqueness to your outfit.

These map cufflinks are fantastic conversational pieces. Bring geographic locations to life by illustrating favourite local pastimes.

I make these cuff links in sterling silver of course..

but you can also have these cufflinks in metal which is reflected in the price and variety of colours.

In a metal version - you can choose from brushed bronze, gold, antique bronze, antique copper, rose gold, gunmetal, antique silver and platinum.

I can also engrave a special message on the back - date, initials or short phrase - like “I love you”, “forever and ever" or “home is wherever - I am with you” - anything you like.

In addition to the cufflink collection - I also offer tie clips in variety of shapes, colours and materials, tie tacks and lapel pins.

We all live our busy lives; having keepsakes which clutter our houses isn`t the best option - but as this type of keepsake is wearable it seems to be perfect gift for a special person in your life.

A man or a woman. Women can wear fancy shirt with cufflinks holes too, why not! I found so many brilliant shops with superb shirts that I am really jealous I work from my home studio! But if yours or the recipient`s dress code is business - then - it will be just perfect.

And speaking of the wedding - if you are planning one - why not to think about these bespoke cufflinks as groomsmen gifts, gifts for Father of the Bride and Father of the Groom ?

I can make any amount of sets you need with any place you want.

Usually people go for the place where they have met (I mean groom and groomsmen) and where the wedding is. So it is a nice souvenir from the Big Day.



Map jewellery

Map jewellery