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Typewriter jewellery

Typewriter jewellery

Being a regular in antique shops I always loved the look of good old typewriters.

Each one typewriter is different, tells different story which in my opinion is worth saving.

I have decided to use the letter keys as they are just pure beauty.

Turned into monogram necklaces give you endless possibilities depending of which type of typewriter they are coming from. I usually use German Erika typewriters, these are my favourite black key machines. But the characteristic Ivory key Remingtons are also classic design. I love very rare serif font Corona typewriters.

The most unusual are the green keys Remington and they are very limited and very hard to find, hence the price variations.

there are so many things I can make using those antique typewriter keys.
Necklaces, rings, signets, charms and letter earrings!

Perfect for custom wedding gifts for your bridesmaids, lovely idea for best friend gift every piece will be a statement for years to come.

This also can make a fantastic mother - daughter set of jewellery featuring your initials.

For necklaces you can have iron or sterling silver chain.

I have so many typewriters that all letters of alphabet are available! You can choose any letter you want. There are also special marks and numbers. Don`t forget the special keys - shift (when you changed job?), backspace, tab, margin release, etc.

The typewriter keys are carefully assembled to jewellery findings using a strong epoxy; wide range of designs for rings and pendants is available.

The initial earrings are always on sterling silver hooks.
As I have mentioned you can find them in many colours - black, white, ivory, green and brown - depending in the make.

I also make typewriter bookmarks made of keys but also - type bars - the element which actually print letters on a sheet of paper - and what is fun - you can have any letter you want - it will be both capital and lower case at the same bar.

For those tech lovers I also have something very special and absolutely unique. Typeball necklaces. And if you ask - what typeball is - this is the main, writing part from IBM selectric typewriter. Imagine - what a conversation piece!!

I mix these industrial parts of modern - vintage technique with natural coral, moonstone, turquoise and sterling silver.

There is also mens version of typewriter jewellery - typewriter keys cuff links - for more of these check mens section!

To buy any typewriter jewellery in my shop - please click through the link below:

Typewriter cufflinks

Typewriter cufflinks

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