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Pen nib jewellery

Pen nib jewellery

As you know I love the forgotten items and among these I fancy fountain pen nibs.

Some are still used by calligraphers, and by the way I love calligraphy, but I haven`t master it myself yet!

The pen is mightier than the sword! 

Bohemian style long dangle earrings made of authentic fountain pen nibs can make an ideal gift for writers.

I am a great admirer of antique shops and flea markets and a regular browser. Once I found antique pen nibs I knew their beauty is worth saving - they are so evocative!
Re-purposed into drop earrings - make a great conversation starter.

Imagine an author during the book day or author evening wearing them - how relevant!

They may be fantastic, nostalgic gift for a blogger. They can also make a lovely thank you gift for an English teacher, maybe a fan of Shakespeare or Jane Austen. and how about all these avid readers?

These whimsical earrings are very lightweight, beautifully swing - with each movement of a head! 

To add a little sparkle - I fastened little Svarowski`s Crystals as splash of colour;
Earwire or push back hooks I use are always sterling silver; sometimes - to make then match to the brass or gold nibs - I oxidize them so they are brown or black.

The quirky earrings are not the only option for re-purposing the vintage nibs.

I also make statement necklaces out of them.


.. and cufflinks, which are now available as custom orders only - so you don`t find any wooden and pen nib cuff links in my Etsy shop.

I used to make them with black oak, palisander and ebony. These wooden cufflinks can make fabulous gift as wooden anniversary gift for husband.

Typewriter jewellery

Typewriter jewellery