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Steampunk for men

Steampunk for men

My dad is an enthusiastic collector who have started his passion with antique wrist watches. And myself, being a student of industrial design (Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw) wanted to know how they were built*

I bought some movements and parts myself and I learnt what they are made of, how to clean them, how to fix them and put back together from bits and pieces.

On the other hand - as a creative spirit I wanted to use these little forgotten treasures in jewellery - which is my passion.

So the cufflink story has began 11 years ago and it is still evolving.

My favourite movements are the copper ones, because there are rare and very hard to find and to match missing parts. On top of that finding two matching ones to create a pair of cuff links is very hard so they are even more special.

The copper cufflinks fit perfectly for 7th - copper wedding anniversary for beloved husband.

Absolutely exquisite gifts are cufflinks made of vintage Omega watch movements. Anyone who knows Omega watches - will identify these beautiful pieces from far.
Cause this brand is the most known of their superior quality watches - just look. 

As for the rare and hard to match watch works - gold coloured ones are among them.

So I am pretty proud of each set I managed to put together.

For those super special occasions I have sets of cufflinks made of superior Swiss and American watch mechanisms such as Certina, Bulova, Longines, etc which I fit into sterling silver findings - which is reflected in the price.

For everyday formal wear I make cufflinks using more popular models of watch movements. They are easier to fix / piece together / find missing parts and match into a set. These cufflinks have metal backs - which is also reflected in the price.

However they are still great statement pieces and fantastic conversation starters

If you wear ties I have a selection of cufflinks in sets with tie clips…

…tie clips on their own..

…and tie tacks.

If the occasion require a formal attire and tuxedo - I make the tuxedo studs which would definitely make you stand out from the crowd already dressed up.

In my shop you will also find casual but still unique gifts and accessories, such as bookmarks and keychains made of vintage watches. Watches I use cannot work as timepieces anymore but are still impressive and some parts still can move and turn around!

If you are a fan of steampunk style and statement jewellery you will find awesome mens pinky rings and signets..

… and other jewellery.

* My dad bought through the internet one really rare watch which was broken and living in a small town - our local watchmaker wasn`t able to fix it. So he bought some parts himself and wanted to mend it; he didn`t managed in the end so I inherited this movement to experiment with.

Map jewellery

Map jewellery

Watch movement jewellery and accessories

Watch movement jewellery and accessories