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Watch movement jewellery and accessories

Watch movement jewellery and accessories

The whole thing with me re purposing long forgotten items started years ago with my dad`s collection of antique wrist watches. Ha also had an ambition to fix one of his watches so as I was curious - what is inside - he showed me the heart of that watch and I just fell in love with this great piece of machinery.

I learnt what they are made of, how to clean them, how to fix them and put back together from bits and pieces.

I turn these old watch mechanisms and their parts into steampunk pendant necklaces..

.. glass terrarium necklaces..

..stud earrings - and as usual - only on sterling silver findings for sensitive ears.

I use whole watches as well as their parts, cogs, and charming pocket watch enamel dials.

I also love their look on a hand turning them into statement rings.

Endless variety of models allows me to create unique designs (which sometimes is tricky for me when trying to match missing parts!)

Most movements are metal in silver colour although golden and copper coloured watch movements are hard to find what makes them even more special.

I also use these steampunk watch mechanisms to create variety of accessories ..

for book lovers - metal bookmarks..

for new home owners ! industrial keyrings.

tie clip and cufflinks in steampunk style

I also make wide range of mens cufflinks and jewellery, but for these, please check the other article

Steampunk for men

Steampunk for men

Typewriter cufflinks

Typewriter cufflinks