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Aeronautical charts

Aeronautical charts

Among my huge map collection I have some absolutely stunning aeronautical charts - in other words aviation maps; you could ask, my friend, what really is an aeronautical chart? So I will answer you - it is a map designed to assist in navigation of aircraft, much as nautical charts do for watercraft, or a roadmap for drivers.

I will not go into details about their usage as I am not a pilot - only an occasional passenger of an aircraft on a way for holidays. Undoubtedly you noticed I love vintage stuff, smell of the old paper, graphic, colours.. so I found the charts very interesting for using in my jewellery and cuff links.

What`s more they are old and these days not accurate enough to work their purpose anymore. Things change, the more people travel the more airports and infrastructure growth. But they are still pretty and have their charm. So this is when I come up with my work.

As aviation seems to be a man`s thing - I started with cuff links, tie clips and tie tacks. There are also lapel pins of course and all are available in variety of colours - but to be honest due to blueish colour scheme of maps silver and gunmetal black are absolutely the best!

But to go less official, I created a few items that are perfect as a little gift for a guy with a passion to the aviation but not necessarily wears cuff links or tie clips. So here I also have money clips and keychains.

Then I thought of Amelia Earhart.. so wait a minute, I have to make something well, girly too! And all those women behind the yoke (control wheel) in the cockpit! so you can also find a bunch of necklaces and rings for her too.

So you can find these in my Etsy shop and you can require (almost) any airport you feel attached to. I own many maps, but my collection does not cover the whole world (yet) so please ask before you order through Etsy conversation, email, or the contact from from this website :)