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My fascination of maps doesn’t stop on geography but goes further to astronomy.

These maps of heaven are truly beautiful and I love every single one of them. Some are black, some white or blue. They show stars, whole constellations, some show the traditional drawings of the zodiac signs.

The oldest constellations map I have in my collection was printed in 1934 so this is really vintage stuff with its special charm.

Everyone likely remember having a brief fascination with the stars. After learning about the night sky in science class, you may have wanted a shiny, new telescope. It perhaps waned over time.. but after a few nights out - maybe a romantic date? while summer stargazing - I believe there still might be that lingering pull toward things that are magical, sparkly and wondrous.

With the celestial trend right now - I feel like stargazing jewellery lovers look no further, my collection is all about statement stars which are meaningful to you.

The heavens maps are so beautiful but as people don`t use maps and atlases anymore having their apps on the phones - I am restoring this past of outstanding graphics of astronomical geography turning vintage papers into charming jewellery, cuff links and accessories.

Whether you choose a favorite constellation or represent you and your mate’s astrological signs,  this costume jewellery makes a brilliant statement. As you can see I have a few different types of maps so you can decide on the style you want.

In my Etsy shop you can find the wide range of items which may be personalized with your chosen constellation(s) - jewellery, cufflinks and accessories - such as keyrings, bookmarks or pocket mirrors.

But if you ever wanted to have the bespoke heavens maps from the actual date and place - I am the right choice!

For example - if you are planning a celestial wedding - and would like to keep forever the look of the skies from your big day I can draw a map featuring star constellations which are up on the sky then and there.

How does it work? Place an order or contact me.

Give me your wedding details - date and place.
I check the Interactive star map of the sky visible from your given place on your given date.

Then I draw the picture in Illustrator program, print it and place the printout on your ordered item.

Of course - there are so many occasions to have the bespoke sky map from the given date; anniversaries, birthdays, engagement, you name it. I am always happy to help and if you do have any questions
- please don`t hesitate to contact me!

Aeronautical charts

Aeronautical charts

Map cufflinks

Map cufflinks